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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A chef's photo collage of Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon (A photo collage)

The world famous International Rose Gardens

A testament to the love and care taken

The garden is an artist colony

An irresistible subject

A contemplative moment at the garden

A view of Portland from the Rose Gardens

Columbia River Gorge

Lookout point on the Gorge

A wall of water (rain) is headed our way

Fun in the Gorge

Wahkeena Falls

An eerie look at the Gorge

Multnomah Falls

The famous bridge at Multnomah Falls

A look below Multnomah Falls

High above the bluffs of the Columbia River Gorge

Horse Tail Falls

St. Honore' Bakery

Bustling activity at St. Honore' Bakery

Breakfast at St. Honore' Bakery

A city of bridges indeed!

Most streets lined with greenery!

The famous Portland Theater

A duck in a tree?

A perfectly framed portrait

An unbelievably beautiful city park


An idyllic picnic overlooking the city of Portland ..... 

....... complete with salad ni├žoise

Gabriel Rucker's place

New friends!

This is what I came for!

Ever see a hamburger like this?

Sublime pork shoulder slowly braised to perfection

"light as clouds" ravioli


Just enough economic development

Bridges everywhere!

The Portland tram emerging from the city below

A gateway to the Pacific Ocean

Portland sunset

Which movie is this from?

An icon of the city

Huge river-side (Willamette) parks make this city VERY livable

Having a boat in Portland is almost essential
Have a great day and never give up!

Mark D. Claussen 

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  1. Beautiful pictures, you took a city I love and have seen a hundred times and made it new.