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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

GoSparky!: My Week at School

GoSparky!: My Week at School: "SPARKY’S BLOG2-9-11 My Week at School Let’s first start this blog in my Meat Fabrication class which is really butchery. We also coo..."

GoSparky!: Not Your Typical Organization

GoSparky!: Not Your Typical Organization: "SPARKY’S BLOG2-2-11 Not Your Typical Organization For those of you who don’t live in Indianapolis there is an organization here called Sec..."


GoSparky!: OUCH!! NOT AGAIN: "SPARKY’S BLOG3-14-11 OUCH!! NOT AGAIN More of the sameI’m not sure how to approach this subject because it comes as a reminder that I’m fa..."

GoSparky!: Pitfalls

GoSparky!: Pitfalls: "SPARKY’S BLOG2-21-11 Pitfalls The first cut – I’m suffering just a little bit while I’m writing this as I had a mishap in the kitchen Mond..."


GoSparky!: KPNW-VIDEO: "My post for today is as follows: The following video link is for a project/presentation I had to do for my Regional Foods class. I had to ..."

GoSparky!: Opportunities

GoSparky!: Opportunities: "SPARKY’S BLOG2-14-11 Opportunities ACFI attended the monthly meeting of the ACF (American Culinary Federation) at Woodstock Country Club i..."

Sunday, April 3, 2011


GoSparky!: BEING RECOGNIZED: "SPARKY’S BLOG3-21-11 BEING RECOGNIZED Chef Whites in public –WAIT-STAFF - I was in Applebee’s after the gym one day just minding my own bu..."