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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Culinary Collage of an intern in Charleston, SC

Chef Craig's life is a constant photo-shoot - I will miss him greatly

The fruit of Sous Chef Bob Cook's labor
Talking to a writer from Bon Appetite magazine
Plates on the line waiting for pick-up! (It's burger night)
One of the more foreboding pics of Craig
A new dish awaiting its designation on the menu
Voted the Best Charcuterie in all of Charleston, SC

Adding the finishing touch
Talking to a James Beard Foundation member
Lucky guests at the Food + Festival get to eat this!

A view from the Expo side

My first effort at making a portabello flat-bread
Wine macerated strawberries is a very good thing

The best hot-dog I've ever eaten
The famous Tuna/Oyster appetizer at Cypress

Stephen Stryjewski of Cochon Restaurant (James Beard winner – New Orleans)
Pickled shrimp?  Yeah it's a thing - a very good thing!!

Johnny Cheetah - my task-master and new buddy
Time for some shucking
He handles a knife like no other

My favorite picture of Craig

Evidence of a skilled craftsman
Ya gotta take-em when you can get-em - how does he NOT drop the phone?

Getting ready for an after-party of the Charleston Food + Wine Festival

A great crowd had a great time!

Waiting for the festivities to begin at the Charleston Visitor Center
Freaks on stilts at the Charleston Food + Wine Festival

A chef's cavalcade at the Food and Wine Festival (Charleston Visitor Center)

My work station in the prep. kitchen

Stirring what will become a demi-glace and having a ball!

Getting ready for the smoker - the result makes for serious eats

Sous Chef's John and Bob make a lot of sausage

From the street

There's no shortage of creativity in this short-rib/asparagus dish
Chopping beef for tartare

Trout atop a delicious offering of hominy - absolutely wonderful!

One of my work stations

Ready to get some sleep at the end of my shift

A good showing of foot-long hot dogs with a gourmand's flair

Volunteering at the Culinary Institute of Charleston

Craig speaking to a group of students visiting Cypress restaurant

Doing what they do best!

Pork belly anyone?  A.K.A bacon

The tools of a Charcuterist

Dry-aged beef awaiting the anticipatory chomp of eager customers

The view of the restaurant from my work station

A wood burning grill is the only way to go here in the low country

Prepping for service

They do beef well here at Cypress

A bit disheveled after service

A normal sight at Cypress - Craig Deihl at the helm

I spent a LOT of time at the mixer for Sous Chef Bob Cook - Thanks for the experience Bob

Theater in-the-round?

Indigenous species in the area waters of Charleston, SC

Itty Bitty fish-cam at the Charleston Aquarium

Sous Chef Bob Cook and Executive Chef Craig Deihl at the Charleston Aquarium

A very nice crowd gathered for the first event of this years Food + Wine Festival at the Charleston Aquarium

Ice baths are still the way to cool product as done here @ Charleston's Cypress Restaurant

Our resident yeast wrangler and Chief ferment-er Sous Chef Bob Cook

My second passion

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