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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Photographic Collage of Charleston, SC

James Island Marina

You see a lot of paddle-boarding and sea kayaking in Charleston, SC

Isle of Palms boardwalk

Isle of Palms beach

Don't feed the seagulls!

Angle Oak on John's Island

Ashley River abode
Rainbow row

Charleston harbor

Dusk at Shem's Creek

Charleston skyline

Wildlife in the harbor

Charleston harbor

A mom and her young in the harbor

Twilight falls on the "Holy" city

A typical art gallery on Broad St.

Charleston is famous for its marsh and wetlands

A diving pelican
The entrance to Magnolia cemetery

A monument to the fallen of the Civil War

There will be no grave-robbing here!

A great view of the Ravenel Bridge from the cemetery

Low tide means good vittles for the area's fowl

Shem's Creek marina

No....it's over there

Playing catch  - - I love dogs that can do this

A little foamy on the Isle of Palms beach
This guy......


....either bold....


......socially awkward

The wildlife here is amazing

Sunset on Sullivan's Island

It can't be sunshine and butterflies every day

Mrs. pelican chasing her young
A day at Market St. market

Sweet grass baskets made by the Gullah women

Battery Park

Typical architecture of Charleston

The old customs house with a prison in the cellar

Walking the streets......this is NOT unusual

The haunted alley .... legend has it that more murders were committed here than anywhere else in Charleston

A great view of the bridge

The famous pineapple fountain

You better check the water before you dip you toe in...

Magnolia swamps

A gator board complete with gator

The famous bridge at Magnolia's gardens

The veranda at Magnolia Plantation

Flora, fauna and sculpture puts an exclamation point on Charleston's high society

Magnolia Plantation's main house

Magnolia's maze

Pier at Folly Beach

Folly Beach, SC

Cristal and Gary

A popular sight at Folly


I'm a big fan of ....well....

The perfect thing to do at Folly


  1. I love all your photos but I am wondering how you are ever going cope with being back in Indy for the summer? We are going to have a great time in class but that's only two days a week.

    1. Well chef, I'll tell you that I'm really looking forward to your class and I'll have stories of France to regale you with as I'm going there for the Study abroad/April in Paris opportunity.

      I will hopefully, have a job during the summer so I'll be engaged within the community and I'm fine with that.

      I'll see you in class!